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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. [ applause ] >> sean: the conservative victory tour continues tonight from grand rapids7éñ, we are in beautiful michigan where conservatives have gathered to tell the obama administration that enough is enough. our cross-country tour coincides with the release of my first book in six years called conservative victory, defeating obama's radical agenda which we now have found out will debut much to the chagrin of the "new york times" number one on their best seller list this week. thank you very much that is thanks to all of you. michigan is one state that the radical liberal an yen has harmed. democratic governor jennifer
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granholm's 38% approval rating is one of the lowest in the entire country. the state's unemployment rate is the nation's highest, 14.1%. a change may be just around the corner. granholm's hand picked successor the lt. governor dropped out of the race because he couldn't raise enough money. things on the republican side look brighter. michigan congressman pete hoekstra is leading the pack and running head of all of his democratic challengers. 10pi point as head of michigan house speaker dillon and epic mra poll has him topping lancing mayor by 13. things may be changing soon in michigan. joining me is congressman pete hoekstra, how are you? >> good to be with you. >> sean: you have a lot of fans here. >> welcome to grand rapids.
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>> sean: grand rapids is doing better than the rest ofu]v michigan. 14.1%. that doesn't include the underemployed. that doesn't include the people that have stopped looking for work. how bad is it here? >> it's really ugly. you go around this state, i'm doing 100 jobs across the state. i'm at about 30.2-sñ yesterday i was in a dental clinic offering free dental care to people who are indigent. >> sean: you are a dentist? >> i'm not but i did develop x-rays yesterday and provided critique on where i thought the drilling should go. it is hard. you have people to want to work. they want government to get out of the way. what we have in this state, we've got a governor who has put government in between opportunity and people. >> sean: i want to create an anology between what has been done in michigan and what the president is doing. last time i was in detroit, you think of motor city, you
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think of gm, you think of the automobile industry. the city was decimated. they are selling homes now, one report for $100 in detroit. talking about bulldozing entire neighborhoods. >> 30,000 homes. >> sean: because the population is left. because they can't get jobs. what exactly went wrong? is this what happens when you put liberal politics, bad union politics together? is this the same thing happening in washington? >> what happened in michigan, you got government in the way. government is being a barrier between people and opportunity. it means that all across the state there are people who want to invest in the state. they want to create jobs in the state. we've made it hard to do business. you can't transfer liquor license. you can't expand business. you can't put in a truck well requires months of permitting. excessive costs bloated bureaucracy that costs the state too much money.
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we have a tax code which penalizes investment, penalizes job creation. expensive to do business here. >> sean: when granholm raised taxes, two years ago. she promised revenues to the government going up. revenues to government plummeted. >> here's her work of art. >> sean: there it is right there. >> take a look at it because it is going away, all right. this is going away. [ applause ] >> if we get government out of the way, we will make michigan a magnet for investment. we've got all kinds of resources, skills that we can build a new michigan off of. we just need to get this kind of stuff off of the books. >> sean: let's talk similarities 14.1% unemployment. around the country 9.7%. we a jobs report today we lost more jobs when the government
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is hiring a million census workers. i guess if you add health care to the mix, add the stimulus the president record deficits should america prepare itself for what has happened in michigan? is this now a preview of coming attractions around the country? >> jennifer granholm was barack obama, before barack obama was barack obama. okay. [ applause ] >> we always that jennifer granholm was sitting next to the president at the economic summit so that he could turn to her and say, now governor, did we try that or did you try that in michigan? and if she said yes. he would say okay we ain't doing that on a national basis. but we're doing the same things. cap and trade increasing rules and regulations. making it more difficult for americans to aspire to their dreams. increasing taxes with health
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care. making government bigger. we are doing on a national scene what michigan has been doing the last eight years. we need to stop it. the rest of country will look like michigan. >> sean: i am convinced this president with nancy pelosi, this government, i don't even call -- i'll even call it this regime, ladies and gentlemen, thank you. i think they are so detrimental if we don't kick them out. pelosi, reid, obama and fire them, there will be irreparable damage to the country because their policies are so radical and out of step. you cut taxes, pull your belt tight. there's not a person in this audience that if they don't hit tough economic times they find ways to bring in more revenue and spend less. why can't the government do that? >> in this state, this fall state employs are going to get a 3% pay increase. they are becoming an elite workforce in our state. working for the government needs to be a good job but it can be the best job.
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no one else in michigan is getting a raise. >> sean: if you work for the government more per kappa make -- per capita make six figure salaries nan in the private sector. iran we have ahmadinejad who refered to barack obama as an inexperienced amateur. i might agree with him on that he says iran will strike the united states, if a foreign country hits america with a chemical attack, biological attack or some type of crippling cyber attack, president obama has taken our nuclear option off the table. you work in homeland security, how dangerous is that philosophy? >> the most dangerous thing is, this is what he's saying. ahmadinejad is saying this, because he's seen the president at work for the last 14 months. he's saying one thing after another as to what we're going to do to stop proliferation in iran. he's been coddling up to iran moving from the pro democracy
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forces in iran, taking the nuclear option off the table is a terrible decision. >> sean: people running for office don't want to cezanne verse al things. you don't have to answer if you don't want to i say barack obama is a socialist and modern day appeaser, am i right or wrong? >> you look at the agenda, it is what he has been doing. 800 million dollar spending bill that is socialism. 800 million dollars of these folks' money their kids' money that the president wanted to spend. appeasement is the only way you can describe what he has done to iran the last 14 months. >> sean: it seems he believe we can have peace if we coddle up to dictators and alienate allies like israel. one of your opponents called me today and said you got to ask pete hoekstra if he will sign grover norquist pledge not to raise taxes?
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>> i pledge that taxes will be lower. do you think that the earned income tax credit is that a good program in washington? it is a terrible failed program. we have that in michigan. if i move to -- if i take leadership action that removed the earned income tax credit, under tkpwrefr norquist' plan i'm -- under grover norquist' plan i'm for raising taxes. >> sean: i know grover well. why don't you say hey grover if we heard it this way i will take your pledge -- >> absolutely. i would guarantee to people in four years the tax burden will be lower and the state government will be smaller than what it is today, absolutely. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> sean: more of the special edition of hand we are in grand rapids, michigan. including the medical doctor challenging michigan congressman, i warned everybody, i told you stupak
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would cave. his challenger is going to be here. also the harvard law student who confronted congressman barney frank. he's here tonight and now running for congress. these are two candidates you need to know about. coming up from rapids, it is ha #@@
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. [ applause ]
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>> sean: welcome back to the special edition of hannity. today our conservative victory tour has taken us from california to utah to minute minute. tonight we are in michigan. one of the states elected representatives played a pivotal roll in ramming the democrats' health care bill through congress. michigan representative bart stupak support of the legislation came at the 11th hour striking a last minute deal with the white house. [ booing ] >> sean: congress is now in for the fight of his political life this november he will be going up my next guest. a medical doctor, republican congressional candidate is with us. he joins us, you are a medical doctor, right? >> yes. >> sean: nice to see you, thank you for being with us. every doctor i talk to says health care is going to destroy the medical industry, true? >> it is bad it is going to bankrupt the country destroy our health care and it is
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against our values. >> sean: what do you think of the 11th hour deal? without stupak this bill didn't pass. a number of people come up to me today and say -- i've been saying on radio and tv he's gonna cave. just like ben nelson cornhusker kickback he caved. it came to be he caved. what did you think of that deal? he got an executive order that not worth the paper it is printed on. >> that's the way i feel about it too. that's the weakest of excuses to cave on after setting himself up as the hero for the pro-life cause to bail on that weak excuse is unbelievable to me. >> sean: rumor and speculation that stupak may not run. this was fueled by his own spokesperson who said that every two years congressman stupak discusses with his family and constituents whether to seek reelection. he believes that is what the people of the first district of michigan deserve. that doesn't son like yes i'm
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in to win. -- that doesn't sound like yes i'm in to win. do you think he's going to bail out because he doesn't want to face the voters? >> i'm not sure. i'm running for congress not against mr. stupak. >> sean: you really are running -- you got to beat stupak. you are running against him. >> i believe that i'm with the people on the issues. i'm against all this irresponsible government spending. and i'm jobs in my district. they've been ignoring the unemployment issue. that's the number one issue in the country is unemployment. we haven't heard anything about that >> sean: i don't know if you heard about this today. i a press release from the tea party express. they offered bart stupak $700,000 to respine from congress. >> i heard that today too. i don't know what to make of that >> sean: a lot of people said bart stupak is pro-life. i think he caved. i think he got nothing in return. i assume there was an enormous
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amount of pressure. when you are brought in to that oval office and the president starts twisting your arm and turning up the heat. nancy pelosi is promising you the mean. there's talk there's going to be a kickback to bart stupak and the other 11 of 3.8 billion dollars -- see that? >> i don't understand what kind of pressure would make you change your mind on a moral issue such as that i can't understand why he would cave like that i brief in my values. somebody offering me money or position is not going to change my view. >> sean: wait a minute, if they offered you the cornhusker kickback if they offered you the louisiana purchase, offered you trillions for the stay of michigan, you couldn't -- you wouldn't feel any pressure? >> if they are going to try to change my values, i'm staying with my values. i don't think i can bought
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like that [ applause ] >> what can they offer you to make you change your values? >> sean: isn't that what we saw? we saw intimidation, bullying and bribery. you're a doctor you spent most of your life trying to help people stay healthy and alive. >> correct. >> sean: what did you think of the process, bullying, intimidation and bribery? >> i'm amazed by it all. it is all new to me. i know that i can't be bribed or coerced. i spent 30 years of my life taking care of sick patients with life-threatening problems everyday. i know you have to stay focused on a goal. you can be distracted but i have the experience to stay on target. >> sean: good luck in your campaign, thanks for being with us. when we come back, only one year ago a harvard law student confronted congressman frank about his role in the financial crisis. that student has since
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i'm waiting for to you explain how much if any responsibility to you -- do you think -- >> first of all, you are a student. students are entitled to full
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constitution freedom of peach. you've made an accusation that is inaccurate. >> i didn't accuse you of anything. i'm asking how much responsibility. you can say none that's fine. >> sean: he has since graduated from harvard law and is now running against illinois congressman. his name is joel pollack he joins us now, welcome aboard. >> great to be here. i saw a nice souvenir. >> sean: rod blagojevich's book. do we have a garbage can, here we go. sorry not on the top of my reading list. you were being respectful, poised, nice. what i find amazing i've been so inspire -- inspired by the tea party movement a woman confronted arlen specter. what was that like?
12:25 am
>> it was amazing. because i had never seen him in action before and did not expect that response. i expected him to say we've learned a few things from our mistakes. i was stunned. i more stunned when i hundreds of e-mails and letters from around the country and saw same thing happening in my community when she questioned outside and inside. >> sean: all of these democratic congressmen do their backroom deals go back to their districts and hiding. they don't want to meet people. i love the term public servant. it doesn't seem like they want to be servants of anybody except themselves is that what motivated to you run? >> it was worst. she stacked her meeting with paid organizers. we it on tape. you ran it on your show a couple of times. they were saying if you see people asking questions, block them. it was essentially the smoking gun in the debate.
12:26 am
that clinched my decision to run. i said i got to stand up for people in my community who are just trying to be heard. >> sean: i've written this book. we are on this book tour right now. the book is in three parts: how radical this president is, his past, present radicals, socialism, appeasement, what has worked reagan the contract. why republicans went off course and what conservatives ought to be fighting for and what they should be promising the american people. to win. what do you promise people in your district so that you can win? what are you standing for? >> most important thing that any representative can promise to the people who put them in office is to listen. that's what i'm running for to be the kind of congressman who doesn't try shutdown a student who asks a question, but to listen. conservatives, left, right, whatever, freedom. i believe the choies people make in their own lives have a
12:27 am
much more profound effect. >> sean: i agree. i agree with limited government, greater freedom. america is gonna go towards the nanny state, cradle to grave, womb to the tumor we are going to be the freedom, liberty, constitutional opportunity society. what are the specific item as that you think the country should be advocating that could conservatives should be advocating to win? >> they can -- there be be simple changes. i did research on the ethics committee. the majority party controls the ethics committee by having the leadership come from a majority party. i would like to say let's have a tradition that other countries use to enforce accountability. let's make the leader of that committee a minority member they will always have incentive to investigate. >> sean: let me tell you what my answer would be. i want conservatives to be elected to promise to balance the budget. i want them to promise to lower taxes. i want to be the party of fiscal responsibility.
12:28 am
i don't want them kissing up to and sucking up to the world's dictators and alienating our allies around the world. i want to drill. build nuclear facilities. expand coal mining. i want refineries built in the country. and i want free market solutions for health care and education. i think it is that simple. the reagan model what are you gonna do -- >> that's on the national level. in each district there are local issues people care about that they are not getting listened to. >> sean: you are going to vote on these national issues. where do you stan? >> limited government, balanced budgets. >> sean: eliminating earmarks. >> not just elimination of earmarks but budget reforms. we have transparency. >> sean: put it on c-span? >> absolutely. >> sean: what a shock that would be. >> we've got to get rid of the earmarks we've got to get rid
12:29 am
of the corruption. when we say pay as you go you want have people spending money. my opponent voted to raise the debt ceiling now nancy pelosi just appointed her to be on the deficit panel. i wouldn't trust her with my money. >> sean: where do you stand on national defense? how dangerous do you think barack obama's policies are? >> what concerns that our representatives aren't speaking up against him. i think he put allies in danger, israel, britain. my opponent has not stood up to that we have a lot of veterans, people who served overseas. people are troubled by what they see happening. she has not stood up against what president obama has done. >> sean: there are a lot of mart people that -- smart people that i'm listening to that are not confident that we are there yet. one thing i say in life, i like the idea, karl rove wrote a great column, barack obama overpromised and
12:30 am
underdelivered. i don't want people to become complacent. james carville says that republicans peaked in massachusetts. that they are not gonna have the success in november that they think they will. i don't think they are reading the country well. i don't think they understand the anger, fear and anxiety that is being created. do you think the republican party needs to put together a new contract with america so that people that are running for office, like yourself, you put your name, your signature on a piece of paper and you promise to keep certain -- make certain promises when you run? >> i would be happy to sign that we don't have to wait for the leaders of the republican party to do that if you went around the room you can get everyone here to sign on. we were talking in the green room about the new freshman class in congress to sign on to new agreed set of principles. we can do it from the ground up. >> sean: if you were to grade barack obama, what would your
12:31 am
grade be? in two categories, economics, national security? >> i have to say he gets an "f" on both counts, unfortunately. [ applause ] >> sean: bet of you can. michigan has dug itself into a financial hole and state democrats think they've come up with a solution. wait until you hear their outrageous plan. we have a special investigative report, coming up, straight ahead. [ applause ] it can happen anytime, when you least expect it... a regular moment can become romantic. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis. with two clinically proven dosing options, you can choose the moment that's right for you and your partner. 36-hour cialis and cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. >> tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough
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president obama: yeah, i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america. in one year, the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%. companies that have sustained this community for years are shedding jobs at an alarming speed, and the people who've lost them have no idea what to do or who to turn to. they can't pay their bills and they've stopped spending money, and because they've stopped spending money, more businesses have been forced to lay off more workers. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks, even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america.
12:35 am
[ applause ] >> sean: out of control spending is not just a problem at the federal level. it is also crippling state governments. democrats have one solution it seems for this problem, raise taxes, raise taxes. take a look at the latest proposal considered by michigan lawmakers that would tax almost everything. >> president obama might have just enacted a 10% tanning tax on all americans through the health care bill. that controversial levy seems tame when compared to all the new things taxing. currently residents here in michigan don't pay taxes on consumer services. but the governor granholm wants to change that with her 2011 fiscal year budget. she wants to decrease state tax from 6% to 5 1/2% apply
12:36 am
that same tax rate to 150 consumer services. the governor's proposal would tax services such as haircuts, manicure, pet grooming, personal fitness, accounting and tax preparation. child care, cable and satellite tv. wedding planning, landscaping. even auto and appliance repair. the net revenue is projected to bring in more than half a billion dollars in the first year. money that governor granholm says should get to the state's schools. the governor says this year michigan cut education spending by $165 per student this year she refuses to sign a budget which further reduces school spenting. is a service tax the way to go? >> spend more taxes keep piling them on, why not. >> another creative way to raise money. i don't agree. >> i am concerned this is the final nail in the coffin. if we continue to ignore the
12:37 am
facts, the facts are that the consumers can't take it any more. businesses can't take it any more. >> services are the first thing people cut out when having financial problems. they can longer between haircuts and grooms for dogs. >> nationally 69 salons close a day. it is a hardship. people have to cut things if we pass that tax on to our clients, then little by little [ inaudible ] >> you are scared it is going to hurt your business? >> i know it will. >> not many are excited about servicing their car. not everyone wants to. it is a necessity to car safe on the road. one more thing that is going to be negative towards people's pocketbooks it is a big deal. it is a lot of money. i pay enough taxes now. i would not care to pay more. >> it is more money, more money. >> i came to america to have the land of opportunity.
12:38 am
i never asked for a hand-out from our government. instead, what i'm getting is pushing out of business. >> families are at the end of their rope. businesses are at the end of their rope. they are sick and tired of government not listening. the worst thing you can do is raise taxes to solve government's problems. >> reporter: we did find one person who wasn't opposed to the idea. >> we have to make up the this is a fox news alert. saying now, the air quality has improved inside of a west virginia coal mineful they had to halt rescue efforts thursday due to noxious gas levels. at this point, crews made it within 500 feet of an air
12:39 am
tight chamber where they hoped the miners might have sought refuse. let's listen in for a little while. >> to try to get bodies out as soon as possible. >> first you're going to send in teams? >> i'm sorry. we're referring them as rescue and recovery things. it's the same type of people. we're still in rescue mode. until we find out we do not have any use of the chambers then we'd naturally go into a recovery mode. >> describe so they can go? n.? >> intent is once they've examined this area is to put nitrogen into the areas to inert it, then, we'll suck that nitrogen back out so
12:40 am
teams can go in without having to ware apparatus and recover bodies without the use of oxygen. i think that is a fair statement. >> at this point try to find more bodies... >> that is correct. >> ladies and gentlemen, we need to get back. so... >> they're going to be working through the night trying to coordinate this. so... >> any breaking news, we'll come back. >> if something of that -- we get there in that period of time and everything that would be warranting us to come back.
12:41 am
>> once again again, a federal safety official saying air quality is improving inside of the west virginia coal mine where four miners remain missing at this hour and saying they're still in rescue mode until they find those four missing members or not. they said they're still in rescue mode. and right now, they're going to go to try to pump out the bad air, try to pump in clean air so crews maybe won't need all of the equipment they're going in with at this hour. we know today one survivor was released and we heard from west virginia governor earlier speaking with another representative from the mine saying this is still again, a rescue and recovery effort but they say they're in rescue mode until they can get back in there to check those air chambers. they tried to get in there today and got within 500 feet of it and not able to get to it. they had to wait to try to make the air cleaner.
12:42 am
they're saying they're going to go try to see if by any chance those four still missing members from those mines, four missing workers might still northbound there. we'll have latest for you. keep it here on fox news chachblt -- channel. welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible? uh, absolutely. trade? and i still get great service?
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coming home can be hard if you're a veteran of iraq or afghanistan. you may feel like you're all alone. but you're not alone. at, your fellow vets are all around you. join our free online community. get the resources you need and connect to other vets who know where you're coming from. [ applause ] >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel from
12:46 am
ground rapids he's the founder and publisher of big andrew breitbart is back. journalist judith miller is with us. she's an actress, singer and founder of constituting america, janine turner is with us. guys welcome to grand rapids, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: andrew you stirred up a lot of trouble mr. breitbart. >> i'm at harvard by the way. >> sean: i feel sorry for you, you have my sympathy. i mean -- i'm here with regular americans the ones that pay taxes, obey the laws and play by the rules and do the right thing. not the harvard elite. last week you are at at the governor palin rally, 20,000 people. only 100 showed up a week later for harry reid. they are throwing eggs at the tea party stress bus.
12:47 am
you this on video. a guy threatens you and says get breitbart out of here or we'll put him in jail. yesterday at harvard you have another confrontation with this guy from a union. we've got the tape, let's roll the tape. >> i put out 100,000 -- put out $100,000 to show any proof that the n-word was said two weeks ago and i've gotten no responses. regarding organized labor which i've long supported, i was at the tea party in searchlight i was standing there and organized labor started to attack the tea party bus. i have it on video. will you help me look into the attack on the tea party bus? >> violence of any sort is not called for. let me tell you what i witnessed when i went up to the hill the day of the health care vote. the tea party people were there. i watched them spit at people. i watched them call john lewis the n-word. >> you heard that? >> we did indeed.
12:48 am
i witnessed it. i saw it in person. that's real evidence. >> there were 10,000 video cameras. >> sean: andrew you have offered $100,000 to anyone that produces that tape. has anyone come forward to claim the money yet? >> trouble can -- trouble is as close as we've come. john lewis one of the initial people who made these allegations has been nowhere to be seen since i challenged this. the problem is, there's no description of the event. you would think if you heard the n-word would you describe who the perpetrator was, short, tall, male, female? nobody has a story there. would be a commotion amid that crowd of people this was a strategy that the democratic party, the progressive movement and as i'm showing you here the labor movement wants to marginalize a group that has been devastating, the tea party movement. >> sean: to janine this this
12:49 am
has become part of an orchestrated strategy by the left. they want to hurt guys like breitbart and the fox news channel. they want to attack rush, talk radio, all of news talk radio. every fox news personal that i has an opinion has been attacked. is this part of a strategy to demonize law abiding american citizens? >> absolutely. i think if we can be wise and aware that will be a big part of staying on top of this. why did brahms think the first amendment rights only apply to them? that's what gets me. i do not believe -- also, i do not believe it was sad. if it were said that is one person and it doesn't represent the party. it should never had been said but it doesn't represent the party. >> sean: judith, beyond everything else it is inaccurate, it is not true it is also bad politics.
12:50 am
where is the strategic thinking? >> i think that a lot of people are concerned about potential acts of violence that might be prompted by such language. the issue is, did anybody respond -- >> sean: no, no, where is the language? >> somebody saying he heard it with his own ears it is true it is not on tape. >> sean: he's a democratic hack why believe him? >> does that mean he's lying. >> sean: 10,000 cameras, no video evidence. >> somebody can be positioned in way that a camera is not. if somebody says i heard it unless you can prove they didn't why not take -- >> sean: excuse me you are innocent until proven guilty, okay. what about the party movement character's being assassinated. we have to take a break. tiger woods hits the links
12:51 am
again. we'll have more from rapids tonight it ethan allen always well made always well designed now with extraordinary savings come in to save or log on now
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. [ applause ] >> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel.
12:55 am
judith want to go back to you. you are saying this rhetoric was heard by everybody. barack obama during the campaign said if they bring a knife, we bring a gun. he also said about me, he said we are going to send mr. burgess over to fox news and tear sean hannity up. should i have taken that as a threat? >> i think you took it in the way in which it was intended and you responded back by criticizing the president. you held your own sean. >> sean: what if sean hannity say i think i'm going to send somebody to the white house and tear up the president, which i would never say. secret service would be banging on my door. >> it is working isn't it? we are spending all of our time talking this, instead of talking about what is really important right now which is the contusion and federalist papers and doing a 180 and going back and learning about our country so we can keep america the great country it is. we are spend this time trying to figure out whether
12:56 am
something was said or wasn't, which is what they want us to be doing instead of reading the federalist papers and the contusion. let's continue the march here! >> sean: andrew, the point is, i think janine has got a good point. this has served as a great distraction. model to target, isolate and divide. do you think is purposely done by the democrats? >> of course. they've been trying to find evidence to back the tea party is racist for a year and a half, haven't found anything. all evidence comes from the other side. they are the ones being violent and hurling the n-word around. the attack on kenneth gladney, the n-word thrown, tea party people organized by a democratic party hack attacking decent citizens. they are accusing us of what they are doing that is
12:57 am
classical. the act of the black congressional caucus walking throughout tea party people while holding those videos with an act of provocation. they need this. one last thing the language that nancy pelosi is using about the civil rights movement, comparing the unpopular health care bill to the civil rights movement ties into this that's what richard trumka -- telling black peel that the white people are trying take your health care from you this is a racial, racist, racially divisive strategy they are playing and it is very dangerous in the united states. >> sean: i agree it is dangerous. and i believe it is coming from the top in terms of the white house and supporters of barack obama, as you point out here. members of the tea party movement have been called supporting segregation and the ku klux klan. we are running out of time of
12:58 am
i have to get this question in. tiger woods hits the links today. should america let it go and let him work it without his family? should he receive the accolades that he got today? janine. >> you know what i think? i think that -- he's come forward and he's asked for in denial in this country, i think that we should, like prodigal son let's see what happens. and let's see how he lives his life. he can be an example to a lot of people out there who may have slipped and talent. i can't pull myself back up >> sean: judith? >> no, i have enormous tiger fatigue. i think he ought to and swing. and i don't think thank you advance your cause or you pro not the notion you are apologetic by going out there and selling shoes. using this crisis, this
12:59 am
scandal to sell shoes, really, come on. >> sean: andrew breitbart your thoughts? >> i agree judith i have a spot -- a to have spot for tiger woods. i believe there's a place for redemption the commercialization of his comeback is tacky. >> sean: that does it for us tonight. we thank the folks here in grand rapids for hosting us tonight. to all of new the crowd. thanks to everybody for coming out. our book tour continues, conservative victory defeating obama's radical agenda. we'll be in new orleans tomorrow. next week we will be in the villains in florida. off to atlanta and tax day in cincinnati if you want to join the show it is all on my website hopefully you can part of the studio audience.
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